Friday, February 27, 2015

Homebound Activities With a Sick Kid(s) & My Jewish Mom... Obviously

Happy Friday Morning friends! This week flew by. Mainly because one of The Twins has [still has] a massive cold. So she had a doctors visit on Monday and we have been home ever since. We have been housebound, stir crazy... anyone that has had a sick kid knows the feeling. Dont get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a nice relaxing day at home alone with the kids but several? I'm not really cut out for it. Enter 8pm carbs and wine. The lack of working out, the additional hours of tears and streaming sick faces has unhinged me. All well. We are making the best of it as always.

We setup an afternoon of painting. That was enjoyable. Until the unforseen post clean up and bath accident. Big Sis stepped into her painting on all fours. Like a dog. In fact, she was being like a dog. Props to her, she had good form. However, my stomach went into my toes when I realized I was a little to late to intervene. She had already walked around. Like a dog. Which led to my next activity. More cleaning. Phew, I was on the verge of getting concerned that I would have nothing to do for a second.

We also organized the baby clothes. Yet another ungodly favorite thing to do. They are already moving into 9 month clothes. Noooo. However, there is something comforting knowing that this job is done. Tired and searching in the dark for a clean, appropriatly sized onsie, post a little night accident, is a bit relieving.

Yesterday, we did in fact venture out. Fresh air? Is that you? It was. And it felt good. My mom is visiting and we went food shopping. I love food shopping. I love stores that sell food. I walk around and admire the new items. Weird, right? I know there of some of you out there nodding along with me. Not brave enough to fess up to the weird fetish. I know this, because my best friend loves it too. And if we are the only two people in the world that enjoy supermarket aisle walking, then we really are a match made in heaven.

So like a typical Jewish mom, (I can say that because she is a typical Jewish mom..) thinks I am going hungry and wants to ensure I pick out groceries for her to stock my kitchen with. Always a great offer. Although it comes with a twist. She sneaks in her favorite food that I typically wouldn't have in my house. For one, a loaf of Hallah. Passover is coming up, she's getting pretty excited. She like me loves the supermarket. However, she doesn't care about aisle shopping. UNLESS we are in Jewish / Kosher section. She looks so at home in this aisle. It's very peaceful to watch on the outside. It's like she turned the corner from the baking aisle and was suddenly on the red carpet of kosher food products, the sky opened up, the sun shined and little droplets of kosher macaroons were raining down on her. I get it. That happens to me when I walk into a market in some cute small country town.

As I unpacked my groceries I found secret additions like a milk chocolate covered butter biscuit. Would I typically have that in my kitchen? No. Why? Because I didn't know I would love it and in turn eat it. All of it. And that sample of Hallah that she promised she wanted to have when we brought it to the house, so you know, I should get it, never happened. Between, myself, hubby and Big Sis there is no longer Hallah in the house. It didn't even last 24 hours.

So there you go. Now it's Friday and we are about to begin our next indoor activity. Getting a babysitter and frolicking free outside by myself. Baking and decorating a cake with Big Sis. Depending on the success of this I may or may not share. We shall see.

Enjoy your Friday. I hope you can fit something in that makes you feel like macaroons are raining down on you!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Please Vote For Me @ Top Mommy Blogs

I have been approved on Top Mommy Blogs. Would I be annoying to reach out to all of you that enjoy reading my blog to take a moment and vote for me? 

Probably. But that doesn't seem to stop me. 

All you have to do is click on the banner below. Your visit equals a vote. 

Your good deed of the day!? Thank you!!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Letter To Me

Relax. I suggest you just stop. And relax. Take a deep breath in, hold it and slowly breathe out. What did you expect when you began to have kids? That your patience was going to improve? That life was just about to get easier? When you were flaunting around the beach in that size 2 bikini on your honeymoon, gitty over having just been wed, daydreaming about what the future held for you and your new husband when you got back from that tropical island. Maybe children? Did you really think that you would be that mom that would never change post kids?

So you are off the beach, out of that size 2 bikini and sitting in your yoga pant Charlie Brown outfit telling your three year old for the 847th time to be gentle with her baby sisters. Why are you getting tense? Why are you getting loud? Honestly, what else would a three year old be doing? You had to know that she wasn't going to be an infant, silently cooing at you and swatting at dolls while you busily tried to continue on a "normal" pre-baby life path. Babies don't quiet down for "emergency" work conference calls.

Yes, things are different now that you had a baby. And yes, things are extra different now that you had twins. You have three kids. What were you thinking? Why are you letting your pre-baby skinny jeans ruin a moment of your day? Didn't you realize the night you were chowing down on Velveeta macaroni and cheese and then a bag of Cheetos that yes, your hips were never going to be the same? Why ruin a moment with those precious twins getting pissed about your pre-baby skinny jeans. It's not like you'll ever put them on even if you fit in them. You wear yoga pants. Daily. And you have three kids. And you stay at home with them for a living. That is definitely not a recipe for nights out on the town in skinny jeans.

Why do you even bother letting a rush of pain go through you at 4am when you hear your three year old ask for chocolate milk through the wall. She has no idea that 4am is still time to sleep. Just tell her. Don't get mad. Like I said, relax. What did you think?

Who cares about the balls of dust rolling past you on your wooden floors. Hold the phone. Let's be honest here. There will always be rolling balls of dust. You were never very efficient at cleaning... 

Anyways, I will make a promise to you. A promise that I want you to remember every moment you feel stressed. Anxious. Tired. Any moment you begin walking blindly through the days. In 25 years you will never look back and say how difficult 4pm was when everyone was crying. You will never say that your three year old can be such a brat sometimes when she doesn't get her way. Wanting to slink out of the house to a far away place where people aren't in the bathroom with you or opening your shower shade or constantly tugging at your legs will not be a thought that you reminisce over.

What will tug at your heart is when you wake up early one morning and remember the moments your babies would walk into your room to lay in bed and cuddle with you. You will remember that mini little voice saying, "Momma? You awake?" When you stop at a light in your car you will suddenly hear laughter coming from the back seat as your memory triggers the moments your three year old would tickle the twins and everyone would be keeled over in laughter. When you are going through the morning motions and jumping quickly into the shower to begin your day you'll be side swiped by the memory of having two infants playing around on the bathroom floor. Suddenly the shower will feel extra lonely.

So when you wake up and begin putting your makeup on don't get stressed that your three year old is touching every single item asking what it is and wanting to copy every little thing you do. Because you will be alone again in that bathroom. Putting on your makeup. Yearning for the days that two little babies were roaming the floor around you and sharing incredible moments with your three year old teaching her how to put on her makeup. Mascara kind of seems to have lost it's magic without envious little paws trying to get at it.

Enjoy the days you have with these beautiful babies. It's joyous chaos that is envied by those that no longer have it. So relax. I suggest you just stop. And relax. What you are doing right now are the memories you will be thriving off of in years to come. Be present. Be available. And cut up those damn jeans.


You, 25 years from now.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thinking out Loud

Joining Running With Spoons for a #thinkingoutloud Thursday!

1. Which leads me to start of by saying that Running With Spoons has been one of my newest fav blogs that I have added to the list of weekly visits. I have tried many of her recipes because she obviously developed them with me in mind. Many include chocolate chips, oatmeal, banana... The Banana Oat Greek Yogurt Pancakes have been a common go-to because they are 1. delish 2. easy (you know when I say easy it means you like blinked and their are pancakes and 3. guilt free. A huge batch is one serving. That is my kind of savory carb.
Breaking The Momma Mold
I made these!

Breaking The Momma Mold
And she ate them... Impressive.
2. Life without coffee would be a dark place. A very, very dark place. Just sayin'.

Breaking The Momma Mold

3. When I had my first born three years ago, sleep training was not a huge priority on my list. So what if she was sleeping in our a room a little longer than normal or if I picked her up when she cried at night? To hear her shed a tear was heart wrenching. Only now having 7 month old twins did I realize the importance of sleep training in my life. One night of hell. No joke. And the rest is history. Let me just say I put them to bed (Big Sis and all) at 7pm last night without a peep. Big Sis woke up early BUT the Twins woke up chatting with each other around 6am and ready to come out and about around 6:30am. I. Will. Take. It. It's a miracle. I will tell you how we did it in an upcoming post for any of you that have hit rock bottom. P.S. I am so thankful to my girlfriend / amazing mom of three boys for sharing her pain, feeling mine and helping me go through the process. You seriously need a support group, it's so hard but it works!

4. The other miracle? Alone time. With Hubby. No Nemo's, Elsa's or chocolate milk in sight. Just two free hours of #relaxation, #wine, #scandal and quiet bliss. I heart Olivia Pope. And yes, two hours, they go to bed but they still get up early. 
Breaking The Momma Mold
Love you Liv. See you tonight.
 5. It's been a few months to get over my last smoothie obsession that led to ultimate smoothie disgust. However,  I am back at it. This months fad that I am sure will fade quickly is my Spinach, Banana and Peanut Butter Smoothie. 2 cups spinach, 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1 frozen banana, and 1 tbsp peanut butter. Simple. Tasty. Toddler approved.

6.  I have been treadmill training for a half-marathon coming up at the end of February. Sounds horrible. But shockingly it hasn't been! It's been an awesome, mindless break and I have been obsessed with watching the series Once Upon a Time on Netflix.

7. Is it just me or are snow days starting to lose their magical, exciting hype? Still love a #snowday. But that fun, "We need water, wine, diapers and chips stat!" pre-storm excitement is starting to fade. Because it's like... everyday.

Have any random thoughts!? Join me in the comments for #thinkingoutloudthursday!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

2015 Resolutions, Reflections & Goals: Part 2 – Growing From a Fam of 3 to 5

Happy cozy weekend everyone! We woke up to snow this morning in my neck of the woods. Our first snow storm of the season really. There is something to be said about a snowy Saturday morning! The best excuse for the entire fam to hop into bed, get cozy, while sipping on scrumptious (large) cups of coffee and chocolate milk of course all while watching the snow fall and news weather team! Loving that the weather lady is demonstrating that it's "good snowball weather" so you don't have to get up right away to find out. Getting a glimpse of being outside without the hours of actually getting everyone dressed in their snow gear to head out. I love that!

So January has been dedicated to be the month of resolutions, reflections and goals for 2015. Last week I reflected on the one year anniversary of Breaking The Momma Mold and Starting a Blog.

This week I wanted to look back on having been a little fam of 3 a short 7 months ago and growing to a family of 5 in a matter of hours. Before the twins arrived I could not wrap my head around sharing the love for another two babies. Big Sis already held my entire heart, didn’t she? I mean, the heart is not the biggest organ in my body… it's not like I’m loving all these people with like say something the size of my ass.  So how could it hold much more??

Prior the twins, I wrote Big Sis a little note to ensure she always remembered how much I love her, “To My First Born.”

I hung onto the words of one of my fellow bloggers and commenters;

Someone once asked me to describe what it is like to love that many people. I told them it isn't that my heart is broken into 4 separate and distinct pieces, but more like they are layer upon layer on top of each other and cover my whole heart.” - Jennifer Humphries over @ Jenerally Informed

Turns out, she was right! All three girls are different, awesome and hysterical in their own little ways. The dynamics with three kids is different too. Watching Big Sis interact with the babies is very sweet in a horrifying please don’t kill them type of way. If I knew when I had kid number one that she was not as delicate as a piece of porcelain I think I may have stressed a tad less as a new mom.

Comments to hubby in hind sight went something like this, “Oh, oh watch the neck, watch the neck, WATCH THE NEEEECCCKKK!!!!” as the baby lay peacefully with a slight bend to the neck. [Hello, enter, crazy first time mom.]

Big Sis expresses her obsession with the babies by crushing them with “hugs,” smothering their faces in “kisses,” playing hide and seek with a blanket [Heart attack.], rocking them in their swing [Holy motion sickness. Pass the Dramamine.], all to be followed with full on belly laughs from the babies. Not to mention what the twins do to each other. Grabbing faces, kicks smack in the face, teething on each others feet, I either completely underestimated the delicacy of a baby or am legit raising little Mike Tyson’s. 
"GENTLEEEEE!" (please excuse hubby's big foot...)

"Pinned ya again."
Whatever it is, first time moms, rest assure, you cannot do too much damage to your baby by accidentally walking too close to the door frame and slightly bonking their heads. Not that I know that from experience… I mean, who does that? [Ok, maybe once. Once counted on each hand. And each foot… And maybe hubby’s two hands…]. Anyway!

The twins have brought on another level of excitement, joy, pain, exhaustion (and the list goes on...) to our lives and I wouldn’t give it back for the world.

Big Sis will always be my baby, my first born but now the twins will always be the beloved additions that stole all of our hearts.
This past year, I can say we have successfully grown from 3 to 5 and it has been and continues to be an awesome adventure. I have also successfully proved that the heart [organ] certainly can handle the momentous addition of love. Guess you don’t need something as big as an ass.

Although, you are likely an ass to decide to have more than one kid [goodbye sleep, money, alone time, personal space…], however, at least you’re an ass with a big heart and a hysterical crew that pulsates humor, love and affection all through your house.  

Sunday, January 11, 2015

2015 Resolutions, Reflections & Goals: Part 1 - On Starting A Blog

Breaking The Momma Mold began on a whim one year ago on January 13. As I approach my one-year anniversary, I thought it a great time to reflect on this last year. It doesn’t hurt that it is January, the month of reflection, resolutions and new beginnings.

I have so much that I want to revisit that I am going to take January to share my reflections, resolutions and goals. And what better way to start than with what kicked off last years New Year, Breaking The Momma Mold!

When I wrote my first post, When One Door Closes, Another Opens, I didn’t realize that blogging would actually be one of those doors. Many 'about blogging' articles will chant, “do not go into blogging blindly” but, because I don’t typically do things in the proper order, I did just that. And I am so glad I did. 

When I opened the door to blogging, I actually had no idea what I was getting into. There is a huge blogging world and I became part of the small niche of Mom Bloggers. I met, yes met and made relationships with other moms and bloggers out there, living all over.

I also didn’t realize how much I like writing. Who knew? It needs a lot of work for sure but its kind of fun making little self-discoveries here and there.  It also didn’t hurt the ego to score a featured piece on and being a featured blogger on The SITS Girls.

When I began this blog, I wrote my first post and then I hid it. I was scared to make a public display of my thoughts. Then I realized that these are my thoughts and opinions and people could take it or leave it! No big deal. So I pressed publish, shut my laptop and ran away.

Post after post I worked through the little bit of fear that would creep in the moment right before pressing publish. However, I quickly learned that I may be alone on this side of the computer, babbling about who knows what but there were actually people on the other side that wanted to take part in the conversation and share their stories as well. It's amazing how many like-minded people are out their and taking part.

Speaking your mind or taking a position can definitely be scary. But it’s good for you. Everyone has a voice and it's a voice that matters. Don’t be intimidated to use it in any shape or form!

This year was all about growing some cahoonas and making a voice for myself, slowly building a blog, my social media outlets and my overall presence.

When the twins were born, I really (reallllly) tried to push through the lack of sleep and extra stuff to do and keep up the momentum. I have to admit it became a little difficult to be so tired and be inspired at the same time. So in this New Year I look forward to setting new blogging goals and to continue on building up this digital baby of mine!

Thanks for continually following along with me in my little neck of the world. I continuously love to hear your commentary, thoughts, stories and laughs. 

Cheers to another year!

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What are some of your goals for 2015?! (blogging or not)

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Dear Santa...

Tis’ the season! Children all over the world have begun prepping, strategizing and organizing their Holiday Wish Lists. They sit endlessly in front of the television awaiting toy commercials and sifting through toy catalogs, documenting every item that will make the list that will eventually be sent to the big man in the North Pole. 

Let me just note that I do realize I aged myself with the above comments. Catalogs? Kids are probably online shopping nowadays. Making gift registries on a vast amount of sites. Their letters to Santa look more like this...

Dear Santa,

I'm registered at FAO Schwarz.

Little Michael 

Anyway, however it works, I want in. 

My letter goes a little something like this.

Dear random large man in the red suit that lives in the Arctic Tundra and surrounds self with many little animal people or ‘elves’ that work around the clock all year long…,   (eek, i hear lawsuit bells)

All I want for Christmas is…

Scrumptious flavored coffee to be on sale every week at the super market. Wait, this is MY wish list. So, endless shipments of scrumptious assorted flavored coffee delivered to my front door.

A Smart Coffee Maker. A coffee maker that has the ability to detect me in the house and instantly brew up a fresh, warm pot of coffee. I know it sounds similar to a Keurig. But I don’t want a Keurig because hubby doesn’t want one. So I want a Smart Coffee Maker.

One of your little elves. Preferably one that enjoys babies. This elf will be utilized for baby and toddler night duty. I will relieve him by 9am each day and let him rest.  But by 3:30pm he’s back on the clock.

I originally put 8am. But why do I keep selling myself short on my wish list??

yes please.

Drive thru Supermarkets, Target’s and [more] Starbucks.

A shiny, new, running outfit from lululemon. I’m talking head to toe lululemon gear. Comfortably amazing. I know if I had this outfit I would finally look like this...
But since I don't have the best running clothes I'll just keep eating cookies.
A radio flyer wagon that in fact can actually fly. It will be utilized to help me load and unload the car everywhere I go. Requirements of my flying wagon: must be able to hold at least, two infant car seats (and babies), a toddler, all of my millions of bags, todder snacks and the toys that "must come with us."

The Folder. You know, the machine that should sit next to the washer and dryer. 

I would imagine it would look something like this...

enter chicken scratch
A Chocolate Milk Maker & Dispenser that can be utilized by my toddler. (And for my toddler to never ever say the words, "i want chocolate milk" again in my lifetime.)

Because I am just getting back into this list making thing of demanding things that I want, I will go easy this first year.

In return, I'll clean the chimney and bake you cookies. Do you mind Almond Milk? When you arrive, feel free to setup the Chocolate Milk Maker or Smart Coffee Machine and help yourself. Or make that Elf you are leaving behind do it. He should be clocked in by then.

Happy Holidays!

Wow, now I really understand the excitement for Christmas morning!

Awaiting The Folder!
What's on your Holiday Wish Lists!?